The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of The Onyx Tower, which is quite famous in the Chinese circle (home to the famous Korean supermarket 1004 and many Chinese companies). After parking in the 2nd floor parking lot, turn left and go straight.

Just look at the red door curtain on the right. The first thing that catches your eye is the Chinese-style facial makeup door curtain and the ink mountain lighting on both sides.

The decoration inside the restaurant is even more Chinese-flavored. The entire restaurant uses Chinese red as the main color with blue contrasting colors, which is consistent with its cuisine concept of combining tradition and innovation.

Slowly walking forward for a few steps, there is a cultural wall with "thank you" written in multiple languages ​​hanging on the left hand side. The boss said that this is a symbol of oriental food that "a thousand words are in my heart.The concept of "Create taste with heart, always be grateful." It is not only a demonstration of the warm hospitality of oriental cuisine, but also a carrier of the vision of promoting Chinese cuisine to Dubai and even the world.

The entire restaurant structure can be simply divided into a lobby area, an outdoor area and five large and small private areas. The lobby area consists of an open dining area and a bar area, where guests can interact with Enjoy delicious food with friends or dine and taste wine in the bar area.

-Bar area-

The private room area is grandly decorated and more suitable for entertaining guests. Three of the private rooms can be combined to accommodate more diners to taste at the same time. In view of the rising temperature in Dubai these days, it is not recommended for everyone to dine in outdoor areas.

-Box area-

-Outdoor area-

One thing that must be mentioned is that the tableware in this restaurant is made of bone china from Jingdezhen, which matches the tall private room design.That magnificence really makes the host of the banquet look dignified and the host of the banquet feels proud.

Golden bone china tableware, enjoy the noble tableware. Welcome to Dubai Oriental Cuisine

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